Odd Molly, intervista all’Art Director Per Holknekt

“I trend sono per i followers, la bellezza per i leader”, con queste parole Peter Holknekt ci spiega come Odd Molly ha saputo varcare i confini svedesi per arrivare fino all’Italia. Scoprite con noi come ha fatto a diventare un brand dalla forte personalità.

Odd Molly, born in Sweden, how would you conquer the European market such as Italy and France are the countries that holders of fashion in style?
We firmly believe that Odd Molly does now necessarily compete with other brands as our gorgeous designs and beautiful core brand values are super uniquie in the fashion industry. Instead of competing we add. Our exeperience is that retailers that carry Odd Molly add to their total sales and not just sell other things, and this makes for a beautiful business relation that belongs in any market, anywhere. Regardless of fashion status. We aim to make unique beautiful clothes where we put beauty before trend. Beauty is simple and forefront, for leaders. Trends are for followers.

Odd Molly, why this name? Behind some little anecdote or arises from mere fantasy?
Molly was a skater girl in the 80´s that among other girls partied and hung out with the skateboard pro guys. The only difference was that Molly didn´t do anything special to impress, instead she was truly herself while the other girls tried every trendtrick in the book to catch the boys attention. And Molly was the girl that all the boys wanted. This is a beautiful story that we wanted to capture in our brand. Remain yourself, stay unique, and you will be your absolutely finest. Don´t follow.

We have seen that now the brand will open its doors to e-commerce. What is your strategy to invade the market of online shopping?
Odd Mollys e-store is to present our collections in their fullest and in the finest possible environment. This will build the brand attention worldwide and help retailers in any country with not only brand attention but also interior inspiration. We know that e-commerce helps stores, even though the first reaction would say the opposite.

A brand with a strong personality, with a look at the Nordic taste hand-made (at least in appearance). Why Odd Molly, the Swedish brand, and not another?
Read answer to the first question. One thing is that we don´t necessarily see Odd Molly as Swedish. Yes we are based in Sweden, but our designs and our brand has no passport. We are at home in any country, in any closet, at any party.

With the upcoming fashion show in Stockholm, the brand will celebrate its first 10 years. Positive results and new projects?
We are a public company listed on the Stock Exchange so we are basically by law not allowed to speak about secrets for the future. All we can say is boy do we have them. Oh do we always have something up our sleave. We just hired two top posts for the HM top offices and with them aboard since December we can assure you that this party will rock. Expect a lot, but never expect the expected.


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